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Pancakes with fresh fruit

Soon Candlemas, what fun pancakes!
Difficulty: NormalCout: Normal Duration: Total time: 40 min. Duration: Preparation time: 20 min. Time: Cooking time: 20 min.

Recipe Pancakes Fresh Fruit
Pancakes with fresh fruit
Recipe Pancakes Fresh Fruit
Pancakes with fresh fruit (2)

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To make the pancakes

* Pancake batter

For the pancakes with fresh fruit

* 65g light butter
* 435 g apples (2)
* 515 g of pears (3),
* 360 grams of bananas (2)
* 1.1 g cinnamon
* 280 grams of prunes
* 100 g sugar
* 70 g of water
* 80 g of Floc de Gascogne
* 40 g caster sugar
* 18 g vanilla
* 35 g light butter
* 35 g almonds

* Nutritional
* Equipment
* Ingredients

Total Calories: 2744 kcal

Calories: 457 kcal per person
* Fat: 9 grams per person
* Protein: 2 g per person
* Carbohydrates: 92 g per person

Work plan and Cooking
Nonstick pans
Wooden Spoons
Ingredients for the recipe: Pancakes with fresh fruit

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1Crepes Fresh Fruit - Fresh Fruit 1.1Crepes - 1.1

Peel apples, cut into wedges, lemon juice. Peel pears, cut into slices, lemon juice. Peel bananas, cut into slices, lemon juice. Pancakes with fresh fruit - fresh fruit 1.2Crepes - 1.2Crepes Fresh Fruit - Fresh Fruit 1.3Crepes - 1.3

2Crepes Fresh Fruit - Fresh Fruit 2.1Crepes - 2.1

Pit the plums, cut in half. Melt the butter in the pan, drain the potatoes, add to skillet over moderate heat. Pancakes with fresh fruit - fresh fruit 2.2Crepes - 2.2Crepes Fresh Fruit - Fresh Fruit 2.3Crepes - 2.3Crepes Fresh Fruit - Fresh Fruit 2.4Crepes - 04.02

3Crepes Fresh Fruit - Fresh Fruit 3.1Crepes - 3.1

Drain pears, bananas, add to skillet. Pancakes with fresh fruit - fresh fruit 3.2Crepes - 3.2Crepes Fresh Fruit - Fresh Fruit 3.3Crepes - 3.3Crepes Fresh Fruit - Fresh Fruit 3.4Crepes - 3.4

4Crepes Fresh Fruit - Fresh Fruit 4.1Crepes - 4.1

Toss to coat fruit butter, sprinkle cinnamon, add prunes, mix. Pancakes with fresh fruit - fresh fruit 4.2Crepes - 4.2Crepes Fresh Fruit - Fresh Fruit 4.3Crepes - 4.3Crepes Fresh Fruit - Fresh Fruit 4.4Crepes - 4.4

5Crepes Fresh Fruit - Fresh Fruit 5.1Crepes - 5.1

Add sugar, coat and caramelize. Remove as and when they are cooking, set aside in a large plate. Keep the juices. Pancakes with fresh fruit - fresh fruit 5.2Crepes - 5.2Crepes Fresh Fruit - Fresh Fruit 5.3Crepes - 5.3

6Crepes Fresh Fruit - Fresh Fruit 6.1Crepes - 6.1

De-glaze the pan juices with water and Floc de Gascogne, then add sugar and vanilla. Pancakes with fresh fruit - fresh fruit 6.2Crepes - 6.2Crepes Fresh Fruit - Fresh Fruit 6.3Crepes - 6.3Crepes Fresh Fruit - Fresh Fruit 6.4Crepes - 6.4

7Crepes Fresh Fruit - Fresh Fruit 7.1Crepes - 7.1

Bring to a boil and thicken as a syrup, then mount with butter, stirring regularly. Pancakes with fresh fruit - fresh fruit 7.2Crepes - 7.2Crepes Fresh Fruit - Fresh Fruit 7.3Crepes - 7.3Crepes Fresh Fruit - Fresh Fruit 7.4Crepes - 7.4

8Crepes Fresh Fruit - Fresh Fruit 8.1Crepes - 8.1

Strain the juice and let cool. Prepare the crepes. For each person it takes a great pancake and a small pancake syrup present.

9Crepes Fresh Fruit - Fresh Fruit 9.1Crepes - 9.1

In a large platter, place a large pancake, place the prepared fruit in a circle leaving the center empty. Place the pancake and put a little bit of syrup. Pancakes with fresh fruit - fresh fruit 9.2Crepes - 9.2

10Crepes Fresh Fruit - Fresh Fruit 10.1Crepes - 10.1

Toast almonds in a dry pan, then spread them over the fruit. You can serve warm or cold.
Recipe Tips
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Pancakes it always does, but the compensation is the pleasure it gives around.

The fruit can be stored 2 days in refrigerator.

What drinks with these pancakes with fruit? A cider or sweet white wine or dessert (Marsala, Muscat de Frontignan, Sauternes, white or pink champagne, Asti Spumante)