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Vegetable Rice

I'm really fussy about rice. I'm really picky about rice. For all my life it's been SUCH a staple diet of my hand that I cannot bear to eat rice Unless It's perfectly done the way I like it. For all my life it was like a staple of my diet that I cannot stand to eat rice unless it is done perfectly the way I like it. I guess you could "call me a" rice-snob "- Because I turn my nose up and Will refuses to eat. Rice Served in" any office or canteen or restaurant bistro except Indian or Chinese .Because I Know That It Will Be Simply awful. I guess you could call me a "rice-snob" - because I turn my nose and refuse to eat rice served in a canteen or pub or restaurant except Indian and Chinese, because I know it will be just terrible. I Have Also Noticed That Some Indian restaurants in UK are really bad with the quality of their rice preparation - I guess it's Because they think they can get away with it without anyone noticing. I also notic…

Pancakes with fresh fruit

Soon Candlemas, what fun pancakes!
Difficulty: NormalCout: Normal Duration: Total time: 40 min. Duration: Preparation time: 20 min. Time: Cooking time: 20 min.

Recipe Pancakes Fresh Fruit
Pancakes with fresh fruit
Recipe Pancakes Fresh Fruit
Pancakes with fresh fruit (2)

Photos supertoinette

To make the pancakes

* Pancake batter

For the pancakes with fresh fruit

* 65g light butter
* 435 g apples (2)
* 515 g of pears (3),
* 360 grams of bananas (2)
* 1.1 g cinnamon
* 280 grams of prunes
* 100 g sugar
* 70 g of water
* 80 g of Floc de Gascogne
* 40 g caster sugar
* 18 g vanilla
* 35 g light butter
* 35 g almonds

* Nutritional
* Equipment
* Ingredients

Total Calories: 2744 kcal

Calories: 457 kcal per person
* Fat: 9 grams per person
* Protein: 2 g per person
* Carbohydrates: 92 g per person

Work plan and Cooking
Nonstick pans
Wooden Spoons